Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Effect of Television on Children Essay Example for Free

The Effect of Television on Children Essay It is clear that television plays a vital role to drive this world. It has good sides. It can be entertaining and educational, and open up a new world for the children, by giving them a chance to travel the globe, learn about cultures, religion, and gain many ideas they may never encounter in their own society. There is a big gap between kids who grow up with television and those who don’t grow up with television. However the reverse is can also true. Children are likely to learn things from television that parents don’t want to them to learn. Television can affect kids’ health, behavior and devalue their life. Children’s health is the first thing affected with television. As we realize, there are many food commercials on television recently. Children are ready to imitate and believe what they watch on a television with their immature mind. They should not think things from different perspectives. According to the American journal of clinical nutrition, boys are susceptible to food cues in commercials. Moreover, girls try to keep their body slim or stay sexy. They try to figure out how to stay thin and as a result they stop eating regularly. Consequently, when there bodies don’t get enough nutrients they easily exposed for opportunistic pathogens or any kind of disease. Imitating violence behavior is the other effect of television. Many young children who grow up with aggressive channels of television are trying to copy those characters what they watched on movies or and show. As I mentioned earlier, children’s mind is ready to copy everything like a copy machine. No doubt, they imitate whether good or bad characters they see on a television screen. In addition, television makes believe for kids. The people in the stories can make believe. All those are actors and the stories are not true but children are unable to realize the facts. Do not think further take an example yourself when you watch a movie how it switch your mind and you biased on one side. It is obvious to see many adults were overwhelming while they watch show or any kind of drama. So if it affects adults what do think about kids who have immature mind? Moreover, kids imitate some drugs use or alcohols while they see when some actors apply it on their movie. Reducing the value of life is the most important effect of television. Some children are addicted on Television more than six hours a day. What we predict from this? The answer is very clear for everybody. When kids give more time for television they forget to do their regular school assignments. It takes their study time and consequently they enforced to fail on exams. They may argue with their parents for their poor performance and finally they exposed for complicated life such as prostitute and other unnecessary duties like drugs trafficking etc. To wrap up, even though television has side effects on the general life of children, I don’t deny the excellent side of television which plays a key role to change their life too. So that, to solve those problems I mentioned in the above parents must play a vital role by selecting or set up necessary channels in terms of their child age.

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